Workshops & Teaching

I have taught courses on map-making through the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. The last course, “Map-making from the Ground Up”, was in spring 2015.

In addition, as part of the the Counter-Cartographies Collective, I’ve facilitated mapping workshops with a variety of groups. I’ve also given invited lectures at the University Consortium on GIS, the North American Students of Cooperation, the American Association of Geographers, and Hyde Park Art Center among others.

If you’re interested in a mapping workshop, you can contact me, or get in touch with the Counter-Cartographies Collective at countercartographies (at)

Past and on-going workshops & lectures

  • Resonant Maps – Invited presentation at Mapping for Social Justice, Yale University. March 3, 2017.
  • Keynote address at 2015 UNC GIS Day.
  • Counter Mapping – Workshop with Ron Morrison and Anne Duquennois at the 2015 Allied Media conference. June 21, 2015.
  • Mapping Power – full-day workshop with Craig Dalton and Celeste Bustamante at Arizona State University, organized by Wendy Cheng. March 27, 2015.
  • Using Maps to Ask Questions and Make Change – talk as part of Duke University’s Visualization Friday series (Video here). September 5, 2014.
  • Mapping Duke University – a workshop that Liz Mason-Deese and lead for three days of ICS 195: Comparative and Global Issues at Duke University (2014- )
  • Mapping Borders and the University – Lecture/discussion with students at UNC-Charlotte about how to map borders in and around their university (2014)
  • NC wideOpen – Workshop on mapping the environment for environmental activists across North Carolina (2013)
  • EcoAdvocate Seminars – I presented on mapping the environment as part of Preserve Rural Orange’s EcoAdvocate training series (2013)
  • Mapping the School-to-Prison Pipeline, workshops with youth activists from NC HEAT and the Youth Organizing Institute. (2013 – )
  • Counter-mapping in a Co-Op World, keynote address at North American Students of Cooperation conference (2010)
  • Three-part counter/mapping workshop at Queen Mary University as part of a residency with 3Cs member Liz Mason-Deese at QMU (2010)
  • Mapping the Knowledge Economy, keynote speech at the University Consortium on GIS summer gathering (2010)
  • Community Cartographies Convergence. A multi-sited mapping exhibit and workshop series curated by the 3Cs and Pedro Lasch in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC. (2008)